Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SweetDreams by Linda J

Artist: LindaJ
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 16x20
Statement: Hi, I am a second year graphics major.
This is my first real try at painting.
 I wanted something colorful and dynamic.
Just wondered what others thought.

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  1. LindaJ

    I am not sure why but Sweet Dreams seems to be an appropriate title.
    I like your color use and find the triangle element that is central to the design interesting.
    I do think the orange passages are not as fluid as the rest of the composition; they look as if they were done with a palette knife and the rest with a brush. I definitely like them as color notes and feel they add to the piece, but would like to see them a bit more unified with the rest of the handling of the paint work.

    Thanks for sharing your work, and being our first brave artist.
    Hopefully as this site gets its legs, you return with more of your work.
    Best of luck and success in school.


  2. It has wonderful colors and a lot of energy.
    I would hang it on my wall.

  3. Queria muito ser artista plástica quando criança e, realmente, eu tinha muito talento. Desenhava bem demais. Por falta de incentivo ou motivação, fui direcionada a outras áreas e aos poucos fui perdendo a intimidade com os traços, as cores. Hoje tem me aproximar da arte através da palavra. Nunca vou desistir da arte.
    Parabéns pelos trabalhos. Venho sempre por aqui agora. :)

  4. Really wanted to be an artist as a child and, actually, I had much talent. Draw too well. For lack of incentive or motivation, I was directed to other areas and was gradually losing the intimacy with lines, colors. Today got me closer to art through words. Never give up art. Congratulations for the work. Always come here now. :)

  5. Muito linda sua obra de arte.
    Tudo de bom beijão

  6. LindaJ
    This looks like this was probably fun to paint.
    It is very colorful and energetic and has a nice graphic/design feel to it.
    This would be a nice accent piece in the right environment.
    Best of luck with your school and hope you keep painting.


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