Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cityscape by J W J

Artist - JWJ
Medium -  Pen on A3 Medium Surface Cartridge paper (130 gsm).       
Statement - My first attempt at a Cityscape, this being of my home town Northampton, England.
Website - www.jwjarts.com

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  1. Very nice. Strong sense of pattern and perspective. The repetition of lines, squares, and stripes works very well. If had this in my home I would spend many happy hours studying it.

  2. JWJ
    It is good to see some pen and ink work; it is a wonderfully expressive media that I think is overlooked these days by artists.
    The piece has nice line work, interesting rhythms and patterns.
    I truly like the bold patterns in the foreground and the interesting details of the buildings around the square. They really draw me in. I do find the distant mountains / background to be a bit distracting. Just not sure what is going on there, but a definite pattern is formed that I feel should be subdued. Any way in this format (digital web media) it is hard to tell what is actually there. In the real it may not be an issue.
    But over all it is very nice work and an interesting image to study.
    It would be a fine addition to any art collection.

  3. Jim, you've nicely focused on the biggest mistake of the drawing. I was very much finding my way as I'd not tackled anything like this before. That distant 'mess' is supposed to be street upon street of domestic rooftops interspersed with area's of greenery (tree-lined avenues, pocket parks, etc. I decided to draw lots of small angular rooftops and 'scrimble' around them. It didn't work well - but pen is unforgiving.

    You can see more detail at www.JWJonline.net/WIP/ and if you visit that page then it's my opinion that I should have stopped with the picture just before I added this background. I'd welcome your further opinion on that.

    Thanks very much for the critique - it's greatly appreciated.

  4. I think the perspective is just wonderful, moving the eye well through the piece. And the figures in the foreground plaza just add to its charm.
    The background did not concern me, well at least until I read Jim’s critique. But you know how that is, someone points something out and you can not get it out of your mind. LOL. I did feel that they represented an extension of the cityscape but I do see what he is saying about the pattern.
    But I always consider this; when you go to the academy gallery in Florence in the rotunda that houses Michelangelo’s David, there are some unfinished works of his also. They are obvious mistakes of the master sculpture. My gosh, think of that!
    Even such a brilliant artist was not unfaultable, certainly popped my perfectionists bubble.
    It is that human aspect of art that makes its so appealing marked by our individual unique traits, and out honest failures and successes.
    Although I think Jim’s critique concerning the background is certainly valid, something that should be addressed in future works; it does not take away from quality of this image.
    It has many more strengths than weaknesses, and as the saying goes, “Any fool can see what’s wrong, it takes a trained eye to see what’s right”.
    Thanks for sharing your work.


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