Thursday, June 3, 2010

Portraits by Anna G

Artist : Anna G
 Description : 2 practice amateur water colour, gouage and crayon
on A4 paper
Statement : just practicing techniques and would love some feedback

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  1. Anna G, probably the hardest thing for an artist to do is to offer there own creations up for open criticism. It is often a painful hurdle to take but it can open up many doors. For this I commend you, for you are moving in the right direction.

    It is hard at best to offer a constructive criticism of your work at this stage; for I am a bit uncertain in the direction you are interested in or the background of study you may have. If your interests are in representational / realist imagery than a level of academic study is needed. An examination of elementary proportions and anatomy is advised. There are a multitude of good figure drawing books and easily accessible references online. I would suggest doing some studies of master’s works and familiarizing your self with their approach. I highly recommend these books as reference, Anthony Ryder, The figure, Harold Speed, The Practice and Science of Drawing, Paul Leveille, Drawing the Expressive Portrait. The technical support is those texts are monumental and would be helpful.

    Now that I have addressed the academic issue, let us talk about the other side of art.
    Art is a personal expression and in that expression at some point in the magical mix of skill, desire and talent comes a very personal and meaningful communication that can move people at a much deeper level than pure pictorial gymnastics. It is something that can not be taught, but something that is nurtured by the artist as they develop skills and understanding of the tools of their craft with the desire within them self to communicate with others those things that inspire them to create.

    Your blue piece is very expressive and shows that you may have a handle on the second half of this equation.

    Keep on trucking.
    Mrs. B.

    “The true artist is always the student.” Edgar A. Payne

  2. it looks like some one tried to be an artist. lol u suckzz


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