Thursday, July 1, 2010


Artist - southeyfineart
Medium - Oil painting  palette knife 18 x 24 on canvas
Statement - I love to paint in a impressionist style.
And enjoy the freedom it gives me to express myself.
Website - southeyarts

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1 comment:

  1. Very vibrant and colorful work
    What I struggle with the most in this work is the composition.
    I can understand your choice, wanting to express this figure walking a path in a deep forest.
    But I feel you went for a convenient answer with the composition.
    The circular design can be a tricky form of composition to use. When you incorporate too many symmetrical elements in such a design, equal visual weights, masses and objects, similar sizes and lines, the viewer can not move through the painting and the eye becomes trapped. And thus you lost your audience.

    The circle or tunnel composition can be successfully used; one just has to look at the works of American Impressionist Edgar Payne.

    Really enjoy the knife work, very energetic


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