Monday, July 19, 2010

Paintings and Photography by Ivo F. Raic

Portrait by Ivo F. Raic

Artist - Ivo F. Raic
Description - Photography
SPRING of RIVER BOSNIA (in Sarajevo,Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Statement -I love all things in the Art, especially in Painting and Fine art Photography, an I'm for hyper realism!   All the best to you and all college's in the World. IFR

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  1. I like both, the painting and the photo. I am painting through synesthesia which makes me see colors when I hear names and numbers.

  2. Me encanto tu blog, soy Antonella Buongarzoni, una artista independiente, me encantaria q te pases por mi galeria ; D

  3. Because of the increasing interest in this site, in the future we will only be able to post one work from an artist at a time. But you may submit as many works as you wish.
    They will just appear as separate posts. I just wanted to pass along that information and it will be added to the submission guidelines.

    Both of your works are marvelous, I could not resist posting them both this time.
    Your portrait piece has great character, wonderful weathered features and a real presence.
    I think a good portrait speaks about the person and expresses that individual’s personality.
    I believe you have captured that here.
    My only criticism would be the background handling; the cookie cutter shape tends to take away from the imagery for me. It lessens the impact of your handling of the face.
    Was this a watercolor?

    The lighting in the Spring River photo is awesome; you certainly captured a beautiful moment in time. The two bridges on the path are so interesting.

    Wonderful work and I truly enjoyed visiting your website.
    Thanks for sharing your work.


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