Saturday, September 4, 2010

Impressions of Andrassy Street

Artist -mariannv
Medium - watercolor, mixed technique, medium: paper
Size - 135x200 mm
Statement - I am a contemporary Hungarian painter. I feel this my life target, this my way.

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  1. Mariannv,
    You have such a wonderful atmosphere going on in this work, a well balanced muted
    palette, interesting ground reflections, wonderful gestures in the figures. I truly get a sense of place from this work, as if I know this location and have walked this street in the
    rain myself.

    Now lets talk about, “the elephant in the room”. The tiles or square design that
    you have incorporated into the composition. I subscribe to the idea that if an
    element does not add to the overall design or concept of a work, then the question
    should be does it belong in the composition at all. Keeping in mind that part of our
    task as artists “is” to communicate our own vision into the world and describe it in unique and personal ways.
    I would ask myself if these shapes are metaphors / symbolic or just decorative motifs?

    It is talented work and I encourage you to keep testing the norm.

    All the best, Mrs.B

  2. I would have agree with Mrs.B’s critique.
    She made some very good points, especially about what our “task’ as artist is.
    That “task” of describing our artistic vision I feel is the most important idea to think about.

    Take a look at the artist Gustav Klimt, and his use of shapes and motif in his work. And how interlaced they are into the subject.
    Or Chuck Close’s work, were the grid became not just an intergraded part of the design but opened the way to an entire process, rethinking and reconstructing the visual world around him.

    Keep experimenting and pushing your ideas, nice work.

    Gustav Klimt

    Chuck Close

  3. Wonderful image and great critiques.


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