Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Spaghetti Ready" by Gwen Bell

Artist - Gwen Bell
Medium - Oil on canvas panel - 10x10

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  1. Hello Gwen, Thank you for sending in another work.

    I really like the subject direction of your work, the bird’s eye view and pattern combined forms a wonderful composition.
    Again my critique would have to center on the “over” reliance upon photographic reference instead of direct observation. The human eye and the camera lens are totally different apparatus, and as you develop your “creative eye” that difference will become clear.

    Two areas that I feel are problematic (obviously influenced by your photo) is the absent of lost and found edges. The lack of give the forms an almost cookie cutter look. And the very short tonal range, objects seem to have no mid tones, a very common occurrence with flash photography. Added together those issues just flatten the pictorial space like a pancake. Losing the three dimensional sense of form. Keep in mind that realism and dimension are synonymous.

    So where I believe the confusion with painted imagery from photos comes, is what the end goal is? It is to produce decorative motifs? To met a quota of production for posting on a blog or web site.

    I actually believe you are much more talented then you think. There are many superb qualities in your work; I would encourage you to let go of your crutches.

    The best means to develop that eye is with direct and personal observation. Then your subject will originate from contact with your senses, emotion and intellect.

    All the best wishes, Bethella

  2. I think it is very nice work.
    And would be very happy with it myself.

    I do wonder about the whole daily paint thing, in art school we had to do a drawing a day to improve our skills, that was useful and good training. But I don't see it as a great avenue for a art career, it is a production line approach to painting. Although there are a few artist that have gotten off the ground this way. I believe this daily painter thing is more about decorative art than fine art.

  3. I really love this piece and all of Gwen's still life work in general. I agree that the images are tight but I see it as her style.