Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Caprice Bar

 Title - The Caprice Bar
Artist -  Marianna Venczak
Medium - watercolor, mixed technic, medium: paper, 222x156 mm
Statement - I am a contemporary Hungarian painter. I feel this my life target, this my way.

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  1. Hello Marianna,
    Your piece Caprice Bar is a wonderful glimpse into a moment of life; one can almost hear the murmur of conversation and laughter. I think the gestures of the people are very well done nicely expressing the character of each person.

    There are obviously different sources of light as one would expect in a night time café scene, certainly a difficult effect to paint.
    If you look at the cast shadows of the chairs in comparison to the back shadow of the people you can notice some of the lighting is a bit confusing? I think if you had gone for a overall chiaroscuro, modeling the of light and shade of the main space and then picking out the smaller gradations caused by smaller lights. The illusion of space would have read more convincingly. The vertical tan wall on the right I would omit, it visually shortens the picture plane and does not add anything to the composition.

    Overall it is very ambitious work on an extremely challenging subject.
    Really nice work.
    Mrs. B

  2. Interesting site. Can't wait to see more!