How to submit work

     Submission Guidelines and Image Requirements    

Rate Your Art is open to any artist submitting original works.

We encourage all levels of accomplishment to participate, professional to recreational, from beginner to Master.
Rate Your Art is open to any media, including but not limited to traditional drawing, digital/new media, painting, printmaking, sculpture, glass, photography, installation, conceptual, etc.
All submissions must be your authentic original creation.
You may not submit work for a third party.

You will need to supply the following information for your work.

     Your name and contact information.    

Include your full name and email address for contact purposes.
You can create a username, if you wish to post anonymously.

     Description of your work    

Such as medium and size, or any other info you feel pertains.
A short snippet or statement
This is optional.


You can include a website or blog about your work.

Your submission should look like this.

     Submission Format    

Name   John Doe
Email    johndoe@mail

This information is confidential.

User name        John D
Description      Oil painting
                         16 x 20 on canvas
Statement         I am very influenced by the abstract expressionist.
                         And enjoy the freedom it gives me to express myself.
Link                 www joespaintings com

This information will appear with your post.

     Image Requirements    

Submit your images as a jped attached file.
File size at around 300 dpi or around 450 pixel dimensions.
Check your image carefully.
We do not edit or adjust images, so please be confident of the image you send.

     Send your submission to    

Email us here.